‘Corridors of Time’ Is Destiny’s Biggest Puzzle Yet

Corridors of Time Puzzle
[Image via Bungie]

The Destiny community is once again facing another difficult task in Bungie’s popular first-person shooter. This week, a new quest was handed out by Mercury’s NPC, Osiris, which gave Destiny players a mission to go back into The Sundial and explore the Corridors of Time puzzle.

Bungie, the Destiny 2 developer, does not give a hard direction for players to go. Since the quest appeared, Destiny 2 players are hard at work trying to crack the code and solve another huge secret. This shouldn’t be new to veteran players, as this is not the first time Bungie has surprised players in this manner.

For example, during Bungie’s first iteration of its’ popular franchise, Destiny brought out a quest to retrieve a gun called the “No Time to Explain.” It was a pulse rifle that had special perks and an exotic weapon by design. They did not give any warning to the quest’s opening. During their daily “reset,” players found it in their inventory and the race was on.

Even though several of these surprise quests have come out in Destiny’s lifespan, which began in the Fall of 2014, there’s just something different about the Corridors of Time.


Allow Me To Explain:

Corridors of Time Puzzle
[Image via Bungie]

Destiny 2 went in a different direction in the Fall of 2019. Prior to that time, players were used to a few DLC’s in a calendar with a big release in the Fall of each year. Bungie’s new ideology brought with it praise and criticism simultaneously.

The top-developer decided to start a cycle of seasons. It’s comparable to how Epic Games handles Fortnite’s battle pass. Players can purchase the premium pass, which has more rewards. It’s normally sold at a low price. Players can accomplish tasks and rank up their season pass.

Destiny 2 now has that function and approximately every 90 days, a new season will come out with new items a small storyline.

Veteran players have noticed a drop in consistent content over the past few months. Those who log-in weekly and play the game casually always have something to do, but the antithesis of that has a different perspective. Fast-forward to the week of the 14th, and Destiny 2 enthusiasts started to witness a new black hole to dive in.


What Are We Dealing With?


The Corridors of Time offers the community a complex puzzle that won’t take one hour to finish. It’s been ongoing for several days now and a lot of content creators are streaming for long hours at a time to try and complete it.

Due to its complexity, even Bungie tweeted that this will not be easy.

Some players even attempt “brute forcing” the puzzle. To put it simply, that’s a gamer’s way of attempting multiple possibilities of the same act to try and get the result wanted.

In this case, the player goes into the Corridors of Time and is immediately treated to five different with doors that are organized by a symbol. The community is attempting to create a map with thousands of puzzle pieces put together in the right spot, which would then lead them to the ultimate goal of the quest.

Teawrex, an experienced content creator, published a YouTube video that describes how the Destiny community arrived at this point.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Destiny 2 players are trying to gather all of the necessary data. One important piece of that community is the Raid Secrets Reddit page, which is considered the leader in the charge to finish the task at hand.

While it may seem only the hardcore audience will get to enjoy this activity, that is a common misconception. When the team finishes, the activity will unlock for everyone. That’s one of the better traits of Bungie; creating activities everyone can participate in, no matter the time players have to engage in it.

The hype centers on the puzzle’s completion. The bigger question switches to the reward waiting at the light at the end of a hypothetical tunnel.


What’s The Point Of All This?


Destiny community members immediately began to craft theories about what it could be. One idea included the return of Destiny’s most-popular PvP game-mode, Trials of Osiris. It was a 3-vs-3 elimination mode that offered some of the best rewards in the game. Trials of Osiris was also the best competitive game mode Bungie has developed in the franchise.

A common theory is a powerful weapon, which is much more plausible. Bungie could be bringing back its most powerful weapon in the franchise’s history, the Gjallarhorn. Destiny’s premiere rocket launcher was a fan-favorite for the first game’s entire iteration.

It could even be a brand-new weapon that players have never seen before. This option would definitely be a high-risk, high-reward option, as players could remain skeptical that the reward does not match the output of effort by the community leaders.

Those leaders are arguably putting in their biggest effort into the game yet.


Prior to the Corridors of Time Puzzle, the last behemoth of a puzzle was the Niobe Labs. It debuted in the new content cycle called the Black Armory, in January of 2019. It took the entire community 81 hours to complete. A new forge unlocked, which was an isolated area where two rounds of enemies spawned.

Each forge had its own set of unique weapons.

The Niobe Labs were convoluted to players because one clue was missing near the final part of the quest. Unless players guessed accurately, they had no chance of completing the puzzle.


In Continuation…


The “Corridors of Time Puzzle” created excitement by the Destiny community. No clues are unknown. The community continues to create the finalized version of the map at the time of this writing. Players will create a route and run through the maze as instructed when the map’s completed.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Dawn has been in full swing for weeks now. This is arguably the most exciting time to be a player. To follow along with the progress, you can look at the tweets above at community leaders on the front lines in Mercury.


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