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Joe is the Founder of ManVs. He has been a freelance writer for well over a decade and has written for numerous websites. Places you can see his work on include: Screen Rant, The Inquisitr, Bleacher Report, The Richest, Sports Keeda, The Gamer, Fansided, The Clever, CBR, Nerd Much, Rant Lifestyle, Rant Sports, Oddee, What Culture, The Travel, Yahoo, Science Sensai, The Social Man, and Inverse. He also wrote for and operated as the editor for Top5.com and MensGear.net at separate points. Overall, he has managed to write and publish well over 5,000 articles in his time as a web writer. Joe also has a degree in TV & Radio Broadcasting and Production. He will also finish in 2021 with his second degree, this time in Public Policy & Public Service. He also likes long walks on the beach and does not put up with your BS. Want to debate him? Do so, as that is what #ManVs is all about!